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 Art is here to fill a heart with joy, touch the soul and to express all feelings. 


Welcome to my website!

I'm Julia M. Klein, an Switzerland based artist.
Here you will find original artworks for sale, inspiration, the possibility to order your dream-artpiece and more. I'm happy you are here - Enjoy!

über mich.

about me.

breaking galaxy

Hi, I'm Julia - a self taught Acrylic Artist, based in Switzerland.


Art has always been a thread running through my life. It is my

passion to be creative! Even as a child, my favourite hobby was

painting. When I got older and entered high school, I chose to

major in art. In my training as a structural draftswoman,

designing by hand and on the computer, was essential.

My main subject during this time was creating perspectives.

A topic I continue to be interested in today.

In 2019 I became a mother. This was one of the most beautiful

moments in my life. During this time, I came across abstract art

with acrylic. This touched me deeply and gave me the feeling of

being creative without limits.

Now I am a full-time mom and live out my great passion as an

acrylic artist. When others fall in love with my paintings, it fills

my heart with joy!

I hope that you will also be touched by my dutchpouring art, because that's what art is for: to fill hearts with joy and curiosity.

Yours, Julia M.K.



"First I bought 1 artpiece from Julia M. Klein, I was thrilled..this harmony, colors and a sense of peace and beauty, I was just happy and had to buy it! After a few months I had the opportunity to see the new paintings - I bought 4! In one picture I see the transition of the soul into the afterlife, just mystical! It inspires me how it expresses light and darkness, the colors flow gently into each other and surprise with clarity and at the same time gentleness. These images beautifully decorate my apartment now."  - M.T.


"When we saw the incredibly u nique artpieces of Julia M. Klein, we knew immediately "she has unspeakable talent"! You lose yourself in the artpieces, as if you were in another world. The infinity is suddenly so close.. Every single artpiece has been created with love and heart and soul. Every day you discover something new in her artworks. We are very grateful that we purchased 5 of these beautiful and UNIQUE artworks in different sizes and variations!

- R.H. & M.H.


Perfect harmony of colors, patterns and fantasy. I love to have my own universe. Thanks to the artist Julia M. Klein, every day I fall in love with the artpiece again! Anna T.


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