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welcome to my art wold..

.. where flowing forms, galaxies and geometric elements unite. Find here unique originals, inspiration and the opportunity to dive into my everyday life as an artist.

Glad you are here - enjoy your ARTventure!


my ARTventure.

Hi, I'm Julia - a self taught Acrylic Artist, based in Switzerland.


Art has always been a thread running through my life. It is my passion to be creative! Even as a child, my favourite hobby was painting. When I got older and entered high school, I chose to major in art. In my training as a structural draftswoman, designing by hand and on the computer, was essential. My main subject during this time was creating perspectives.

A topic I continue to be interested in today.


In 2019 I became a mother. This was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. During this time, I came across abstract art with acrylic. This touched me deeply and gave me the feeling of being creative without limits.

Now I am a full-time mom and live out my great passion as an acrylic artist. When others fall in love with my paintings, it fills my heart with joy!

I love the infinity of the galaxies, the clarity of the geometric shapes and the beauty of the flowing acrylic paint. By uniting these elements in my paintings, I want to represent a glimpse of the beauty of a distant galaxy and its harmony. I want you to start dreaming!

Yours, Julia Maria Klein


global ARTventures.


feedback heinzmanns_edited.jpg

"The collaboration with Julia was wonderful. We were involved from the beginning in the creation process and advised with much love and heart. Julia has taken an extremely long time to respond to our wishes and ideas to be able to create our personal dream artpiece for us. The result is a unique work of art that is even more beautiful than we imagined and since then gives us great pleasure every day. Thank you Julia, for giving our home a very special highlight*"

- Maddalena and Matthias from Switzerland



Do you have any questions or do you just want to get in touch?

I'm very happy to chat with you and discuss any of your artwork wishes or ideas. Write me at:

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